System not running right

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Tue Sep 22 20:36:01 UTC 2015

On Tue, 22 Sep 2015 16:21:21 -0400, Scott Blair wrote:
>I enabled smart on it before the reboot, it didn't stick, is that

  $ man smartctl
  -s VALUE, --smart=VALUE
  Enables or disables SMART on device.  The valid arguments
  to this option are on and  off.   Note that  the  command  '-s
  on'  (perhaps used with with the '-o on' and '-S on' options) should
  be placed in a start-up script for your machine, for example in
  rc.local or rc.sysinit. In  princi‐ ple the SMART feature settings
  are preserved over power-cycling, but it doesn't hurt to be sure. It
  is not necessary (or useful) to enable SMART to see the TapeAlert

IOW for the release you're using, 14.04, follow this advice. For
releases >= 15.04 it's a little bit different.

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