System not running right

Scott Blair scott.blair at
Tue Sep 22 15:19:24 UTC 2015

I am running Ubuntu 14.04. Over the past couple of days, programs 
stopped working. Mediatomb stopped working so I installed
Plexmediaserver and uninstalled Meditomb. That stopped working so I 
installed UMS and uninstalled Plexmediaserver. This morning
I can't get Libreoffice to open this morning. I went to synaptic and 
clicked mark for re-installation, but it didn't work. When the system
would boot up, I would get a splash screen, I no longer get that. The 
whole system is running slow. When it first boots up to the desktop
the screens are all mix-matched over my three monitors. Little thing 
have been happening, like when I right click with the mouse, sometimes
I have to do it three or four times before the window opens so I can 
copy or delete a file. I lost icons on the icon bar. System settings was
gone, when I was able to get it back there was only 4 icons in it. I did 
a restore to few days back when it was running right, but it didn't
work. I restored the desktop and they came back. I installed Gnome 
desktop thinking it might fix it, but it didn't. I can't get gedit to 
open a
file. the whole system freezes up at times, but the mouse works, even 
the clock stops. If this was a Windows computer, I would swear it
had a virus, because that is exactly how it is acting.
Here is my syslog:


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