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Wed Sep 16 10:36:08 UTC 2015

On 16 September 2015 at 11:21,  <silver.bullet at> wrote:
> Mint is as much an Ubuntu flavour, as Microsoft Windows is an Ubuntu
> flavour [1].
> The OP should check everything, e.g. if in about:config
> javascript.enabled is true, but most of all the OP should ask for
> support at the right place.
> Some requests are universal, then it doesn't matter if you join a
> Suse, Mint or Ubuntu forum, other requests, such as default
> configurations, used version of coreutils etc. are individual and make a
> big difference. Even if a subscriber could help, then the next Ubuntu
> user might find a solution to a problem in the Ubuntu mailing
> list archive, that doesn't work for Ubuntu, but for Mint only.
> Why do people who chose freakish distros often ask for help in Ubuntu
> and Debian mailing lists? Why do users of other non-Ubuntu, but non-freakish
> distros seldom do the same? Mint support seems to be completely broken.
> Why do users chose Mint? There are tons of other distros available with
> a huge user base and very good support, providing forums, mailing
> lists, wikis etc..

Linux distribution bigotry and hate-speech is less harmful than forms
directed at race, sexuality or gender -- but this is bigotry and
hate-speech nonetheless.

Ralf, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You need to learn
how to be a decent human being. You also need to learn a lot about
Linux distributions and their familial interrelationships, too.

You appear to be ignorant and intolerant in both areas. You should fix that.

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