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Mon Sep 14 17:16:34 UTC 2015

Thanks for all the replies. I solved my problem by skipping GParted and
doing it all in a terminal instead. Something like this, if I recall
sudo fdisk /dev/sdg
(keeping all default values)
sudo mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sdg1 -L "Backup 2000"

With GParted, I think I tried creating a partition table first at at least
one of the many times I tried, but I'm not sure now.
Thanks for the LANG=C hint. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that,
because I have used it before. Maybe it was because the error message
didn't say much anyway, it was like ”there was an error when trying to set
partition type” or something like that, no clues why or anything.

Just for curiosity I will try the whole thing again right now with that
”LANG=C” thing, but since I already formatted and populated my USB HDD I
will try a USB stick instead, which is empty anyway:
So I start gparted like suggested:
$ sudo -i
# LANG=C gparted

I already have an empty partition on it so I first try Partition → Delete,
but that option is grayed out, so instead I do Right click the existing
partition → Format to → Cleared.
I execute it and it works; I now have 14.93 GiB unallocated space (it's a
16 GB stick).

Next, I right click the unallocated space and select New.
I keep most of the default values, file system doesn't matter in this case
since I get the error no matter what, but I select ext4 this time. I enter
”Test” as label.
I now click the Add button.

Now trying to execute this step. ”Are you sure you want to apply the
pending operations?”, I am asked. Since there is no ”No, I just clicked
randomly all over the place to see what happened” button, I click the Apply
button instead.

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen (or maybe just gentlemen, I don't
know),  the error that will tell us all exactly what happened, and it is in
English (!):
”An error occured while applying the operations
See the details for more information

If you want support, you need to provide the saved details!
See for more information.”

Here are the details (and yes, I supplied most of them in my original post):

”GParted 0.23.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid --enable-online-resize

Libparted 2.3
*Create Primary Partition #1 (ext4, 14.93 GiB) on /dev/sdg*  00:00:01    (
ERROR )      create empty partition  00:00:01    ( SUCCESS )

*path: /dev/sdg1 (partition)start: 2048end: 31305727size: 31303680 (14.93
GiB)* clear old file system signatures in /dev/sdg1  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS
)      write 68.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 0  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS ) write
4.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 67108864  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS ) write
4.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 16027480064  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS ) flush
operating system cache of /dev/sdg  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS ) set partition
type on /dev/sdg1  00:00:00    ( ERROR )

I provided all of them, except the very first two lines, in my original
post, except that I translated them from Swedish (and that my original post
was about the USB HDD and this is for a USB stick). The above details are
in English to begin with, and as you can see if you compare them, my
English sucks badly. Don't worry, I already knew that.

If you still think I omitted some very important information in my original
post (except that I translated it wrong), please let me know. Maybe I'll
learn something from it.

And once again, thanks for all the replies, and sorry for annoying some of
you by not being able to translate the important stuff properly.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg
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