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Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Sun Sep 13 20:13:46 UTC 2015

I have a USB HDD that I happened to clear by mistake (I thought I was
formatting a USB stick…); it has no partitions or anything now. This USB
HDD is my Backup disk so I now want to reformat it so I can make new backup
from scratch, but it keeps failing.

Here's what I do and what happens:
I connect my USB HDD to the USB port. It doesn't show up since it doesn't
have any partitions.
In Ubuntu 14.04, I open GParted 0.23.0.
I select my USB device, ”/dev/sdg (1.82 TiB)”.
Partition → Delete
Execute by hitting the green ✓ button.
OK, I now have 1.82 TiB that is not allocated. Should be a fresh start,
shouldn't it?
So what's next?

Partition → New
I set the size to maximum size.
Primary (nothing else can be selected)
File system: btrfs
Label: Backup 2000
→ Add

Looks great, like this:
New partition 1  btrfs     Backup 2000     1.82 TiB   —    —

So I hit the green ✓ button to execute the whole thing.
First there is a very unnecessary warning about possible data loss and so
on. I move on.
Now another dialogue appears:
An error occured blah blah blah (it's all in Swedish and I can't think of a
good translation, Google translate doesn't help much). Anyway, I click OK.

The error occurs at the last step. Here are all the steps:
Create empty partition
                      0:00:00 ✓
Path: /dev/sdg1 (partition)
Start: 2048
End: 3906961408 (1.82 TiB)
Clear old file system signatures in /dev/sdg1  0:00:01 ✓
write 68.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 0 0:00:00 ✓
write 4.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 67108864 0:00:00 ✓
write 4.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 274877906944 0:00:00 ✓
write 4.00 KiB of zeros at byte offset 2000364236800 0:00:00 ✓
empty the operating system cache at /dev/sdg 0:00:00 ✓
Set partition type at /dev/sdg1 0:00:00 –

I'm probably doing something wrong, because I have formatted this HDD
successfully before, but what am I missing?

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg
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