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Haseeb ul Hasan urhhoney at
Sat Sep 12 14:39:06 UTC 2015

I have a thinkpad x200 tablet and i installed the newest iteration of
ubuntu and accidentally chose full disk encryption and then after install
realized what i have done.
Since the machine is solely for my wife, she was annoyed by it and
coincidentally i was running a apt-get upgrade and it was in the middle of
it. So i did what every man would do, listen to his lovely wife.

I depressed the power button to force a restart and to reinstall ubunt from
scratch, but now it doesnt let me. I think it tries to write to MBR and
since its encrypted it ends up in an error if i try reinstall.
If i go into ubuntu its kind of broken but i do have access to a terminal.
But unity is not running i think so i see no desktop.

Any ideas? how to reinstall from scratch???

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