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Tue Sep 8 18:50:26 UTC 2015

On 09/08/2015 02:32 PM, Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to move from Dropbox to Google drive, for two main reasons:
> Price and performance.
> I have been using Dropbox on all my devices for years now. It even saved
> me 2-3 times when my hard drives failed - I was able to restore my files
> in a matter of minutes.
> Dropbox - Pros:
> Seamless synchronization
> Desktop integration.
> Dropbox - Cons:
> Price
> Hogs my Internet bandwidth.
> Google Drive - Pros:
> I use Google services since it was invite only (that's how I got my
> account, initially). I use an Android smartphone and I use the Google
> Chrome browser on all my devices.
> Google Drive - Cons
> Lack of Linux Client: I wanted to switch to Google Drive as my only
> cloud storage - but alas! No Google Drive client for Linux (how is it
> possible?, they have one for Mac OS X - isn't it the same?!)
> I tried using Grive - basically the only option out there. there's a GUI
> front-end by the guys from Fanclub called overGrive.
> Works fairly well, but with a few kinks I am trying to figure out:
> My ideal scenario would be to organize the files on my main computer,
> then push it one-way (force upload) to the server, then pull it
> (download only) on the other machines.
> When I sync from my laptop, it adds all the files to the server, but
> doesn't create a 1:1 copy on all machines. It just adds all the files to
> the server from each machine, resulting in messing up the folder
> hierarchy and creating duplicates which are very hard to resolve on the
> Web interface...
> Can one of you explain what would be the best practice to sync an Ubuntu
> Desktop and an Ubuntu laptop to the Google Drive Cloud?
> Thanks!
> Amichai.
I've been using a Linux client for Google Drive called Insync. It's 
fantastic! Yes, it will cost you, but it's a one time fee and it's 

I highly recommend it.

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