Ubuntu on Lenovo x61s - Help needed

Peter petergoggin at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 4 16:10:54 UTC 2015

The sequence I am getting on start  up is

On startup machine shows grep menu.

It will automatically select the current version of linux after about 20 

It then prompts for the pass phrase. On entering the correct passphrase 
it says key successfully used to unlock the disk,.

The next display is Busy Box etc.

If I select recovery mode it scrolls through a load of commands. It then 

Unlocking the disk /dev/disk/by-uuid/7f ….... (sda5_crypt)

Enter passphrase:

When I enter the passphrase the boot process continues but again comes 
up with the BusyBox message and (initramfs) prompt

Are any of the scrolled message during the boot process of any use in 
diagnosing the problem, and if so how do I capture them?

My backup disk has failed and is unreadable on any of my linux or window 
machines so unless I can recover the home directory from the X61S I will 
have a lot of work to update all of my data files and databases.

I have a bootable CD with linux .  If I use this to access the machine 
will it be able to show me the home directory on the hard drive?


Peter Goggin

On 04/09/15 21:34, Joel Rees wrote:
> 2015/09/04 11:11 "Peter" <petergoggin at bigpond.com 
> <mailto:petergoggin at bigpond.com>>:
> >
> > I have searched the internet and while other people have had the 
> same problem, I do not see how I can apply their solutions to my 
> machine. (probably because I do not know enough about Ubuntu. My 
> version is 14.04
> >
> > If I reinstall Ubuntu using the same passwords as in the original 
> installation
> > will my existing home directory and its contents be overwritten?
> No. Don't do that.
> If you have to ask, you will lose your data if you try that.
> > I need to get the system going and retain the data.
> > The last good backup is May 19th.
> > The latter backups were on an external disk which has failed
> Are you sure the disk failed?
> Encrypted file systems can be finnicky.
> > Regards
> >
> > Peter Goggin
> >
> > On 03/09/15 22:42, Peter wrote:
> >>
> >> I have ubuntu installed on an Lenovo x61s laptop. Yesterday the 
> systembooted and worked without any proble. Today it boots as far as 
> asking for the encryption password. It then comesup with
> >>  BusyBox v1.21.1 {Ubuntu 1:1.21.0-1ubuntu1)built - in shelol (as)
> >> enter help for list of built in commands
> >> (initramfs)
> >>
> >>
> >> What does this mean and how can I get the system to complete booting?
> >>
> >> Regards
> >>
> >> Peter Goggin
> >>
> >
> >
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