Customizable login manager

Florian Oppermann florian.oppermann at
Fri Oct 30 11:24:44 UTC 2015

Dear Ubuntu users,

for the workstations in our institute we currently use xdm as login
manager, but as it’s not possible to choose the desktop environment we’d
like to find an alternative. We have the following requirements:

 * No user list (one has to type in the username)
 * No reboot/shutdown button
 * Hostname visible (“Welcome to /hostname/:” in xdm)
 * Desktop environment selectable

LXDM looked promising (I was able to disable the quit button by
modifying the theme), but I don’t know how to include the hostname
dynamically (without generating a new theme for every machine).

Are there any other login managers that I’m not aware of and that
provide the features listed above ootb or with little hacking?

Best regards,

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