touch screen, charging, pointer craziness

Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Oct 23 08:43:20 UTC 2015

On 23 October 2015 at 09:36, Gary J. Kirkpatrick <garyartista at> wrote:
> The pointer issue occurs if am using a mouse or just the touchpad.

The question is whether it occurs whether the mouse is plugged in or
not.  If it plugged in then it could be the problem even if you are
not actively using it at that time

> I forgot one other issue.  Last few times at boot, the system has lagged
> badly after the login screen.  Even clicking on one file and then another
> shows excessive lag time.  I've seen an image of the desktop in the lower
> right hand corner of the screen.  That disappears and the lagging remains
> for a few minutes.  Programs are very very slow to load.   Shall I post the
> bootlog?  I do not see any error messages in it.  I installed a cloud
> program shortly before this started happening.  i deinstalled it but that
> made no difference.

How about the RAM test?


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