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Gary J. Kirkpatrick garyartista at
Wed Oct 21 06:37:52 UTC 2015

I added a password to Passwords and Keys.  I can unlock the "Login" but
Gnome is another matter.  This wasn't an issue before I added a password to
password and keys so no one who got into my computer could see all the
stored passwords.

I encrypted my files at installation.  I have the key for that but it does
not work on Gnome key storage under Certificates.  I thought perhaps I
confused an O for a 0 but that did not make any difference.

Is the encrypt password the one to use at Gnome key storage under

There are '"key servers" under Preferences. So I selected to publish and
automatically receive keys.  So far nothing has changed.  I am not sure
what this feature does.  It does not make sense from a security point of
view to allow someone to retrieve the key so easily.

thanks for any assistance


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