consistent UIDs across multiple systems.

W Scott Lockwood III vladinator at
Mon Oct 19 14:19:49 UTC 2015

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 8:29 AM, Compdoc <compdoc at> wrote:
>>I am looking less to the mechanics and more to the wisdom of what approach
>> would be most practical.
> It would be great if there were a simple way to sync UIDs across servers. I
> don't need it often, buts it's a pain to do manually.

This is what LDAP and AD are for. If you don't want that complexity,
or the complexity of adding any sort of directory server, you really
pretty much are reduced to adding users on a single system, and
sync'ing around the password, group, and shadow files. That will keep
users consistent, but is something of a pain.

You could use warsync for that as well, but warsync is very old and
not maintained anymore. I don't think there are packages for it
either. I don't see a commit for it in more than 4 years at this
point. Here's an unofficial repo that I know has a few bug fixes.

W. Scott Lockwood III

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