switching from pop3 to imap on thunderbirfd

oxy oxyopes at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 16 15:44:40 UTC 2015


> Step 2:  How exactly did you create using the same folder?  IMAP does
> not use a download folder the like POP does.  (There is a system created
> folder that keep an offline cache of messages, but generally, you aren't
> supposed to try manually manage that.)

i was wrong here. It was the same  ~/.thunderbird/[mainaccount] folder.
But inside it has a folder called ImapMail and another called Mail.

> Step 3: This is where I suspect something when off the rails.  What
> *exactly* did you do?  (Did you try to create a new Profile in the
> Profile manager?)

I went to Edit > Account Settings > "pop3 account name" > Server
Settings > Local directory

and edited it back to the old ~/.thunderbird/[mainaccount]. It was refused.

I also tried to make a copy of it and then it was not refused, but no
mail was showed by thunderbird. There is a file
~/.thunderbird/[mainaccount]/Mail/Inbox of 2GB there,
but i cannot read it somehow.


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