dealing with a slightly flaky USB drive; unkillable bash process

Adam Funk a24061 at
Tue Oct 13 19:52:29 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-22, Liam Proven wrote:

> Image the entire drive, encryption and all, onto another volume with
> the ``gdd_rescue'' command. Then mount the new copy and try to recover
> the data from that.

Thanks very much for suggesting that.  I tried the "lazy option":

sudo ddrescue -d /dev/sdb2 dodgy-usb.img dodgy.usb.log

and it worked brilliantly: it recovered the whole partition (about
300 GB) in 3 hours & a bit, & the resulting image file works with
losetup.  AFAICT all the contents of the resulting mount are intact.
The strangest thing is that ddrescue did not report any errors!


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