Oracle VirtualBox

Emiliano Vazquez emilianovazquez at
Sat Oct 10 19:30:39 UTC 2015

El 10/10/15 a las 15:26, Karagkiaouris Diamantis escribió:
> I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS version and i encountered a 
> problem with VirtualBox installation. Specifically when it tries to 
> build the kernel module, it fails. My impression is that is has to do 
> with the VirtualBox version which is located in the repositories. I 
> have managed to work around the issue by add the official Oracle 
> Virtualbox repo. Did anyone else encounter the same error and came up 
> to a better solution (missing dependencies references / packages) ?
Hi. I'm using 14.04.3 too but it's not a fresh install. Everything is 
working well.

Can you post your error log to see the problem?

Best regards.


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