How to determine what to delete in a partition to install Ubuntu,

silver.bullet at silver.bullet at
Mon Oct 5 16:42:36 UTC 2015

Now we know the following about your set-up:

  Graphics    : 1. An unknown on-board graphics
                2. Nvidia GeForce 6200
  Printer     : HP Officejet 4630
  Monitor     : Emprex LM2201
  DE          : Xfce
  Ubuntu      : 15.04
  Architecture: i686
  Linux       : 3.19.0-25-generic

Now please run

  wmctrl -m


  cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf

and post the output. You not necessarily must have a xorg.conf.

From your first email of this thread:

  "I have Xfce, Kubuntu 15.10, and Windows XP on my PC. I would like to 
  eliminate Xfce and install Ubuntu 15.04 in its place."

You don't need to install 15.04, since it's already installed.
You could purge Xfce and install Unity, but that might not solve the
issues. IOW we still need to know what apps you are using and what
doesn't work as expected.

You mentioned issues with the graphics card (driver) and with printing.
What apps are you using when something doesn't work and what exactly
doesn't work? At least I didn't understand what exactly happens.


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