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> On Mon, 5 Oct 2015 13:26:31 +0200, Petter Adsen wrote:
> >Both KVM and VMware have the ability to let guests control
> >USB-connected devices directly, I assume Virtualbox can do this also.  
> Virtualbox is easy to use, but often cause a lot of pain.
> On my Arch Linux I use virtualbox. A wile back I shared guests
> with Ubunutu's and Arch's virtualbox. Arch repositories provide
> virtualbox version 5.0.4, but regarding USB issues for a Win XP guest,
> I keep virtualbox version 4.3.12 and within the next days I hopefully
> find the time to switch to KVM, which definitively is not that easy to
> set up as virtualbox, but hopefully provide good USB support.

If you use virt-manager, KVM is really not difficult to use - in my
very personal opinion. It might not be as smooth a GUI as Vbox or
VMware, but setting up a fairly standard Linux or Windows guest is
quite straightforward.

And yes, USB support is excellent, at least it has never caused me any
problems. When I last used Vbox I got the impression that performance
was also generally better with KVM, but that is totally subjective and
was a long time ago.

> I can't say anything about the problem the OP experiences, but USB for
> guests is utterly broken by virtualbox. Sure, there are no problems for
> the USB mouse or sharing some data, but e.g. communication between
> iTunes and an iPad when upgrading iOS on my machine only works when
> using virtualbox <= 4.3.12. I tested several versions > 4.3.12 and all
> had buggy USB support. I didn't test 5.x, since I guess for serious
> usage it's better to test other VMs.

I used to run a KVM Windows 7 guest for communicating with an iPod
through iTunes, and it worked perfectly. I briefly used it with an iPad
also, but decided that it was too much hassle and replaced both Apple
devices with Android counterparts. I'm much happier now :) But it is
absolutely possible to do that, if that was what you were wondering.


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