use of the WD "my book" 4tb drive

John R. Sowden jsowden at
Fri Oct 2 18:02:48 UTC 2015

I am looking at using the above drive, but a few questions came up. WD 
tech support is very vague on these issues.

I want to partition the drive to more than 1 partition.  I say more than 
1 because WD says they support partitioning, but after a few more 
questions, that only applies to 1 partition!  So, has anyone partitioned 
one of these drives to different file systems, like ext4, fat32, a mac 
partition (not sure of the name) or the win file system (not sure of its 
name either)?

They also say that they have not tested their mybook series of hd for 
linux!  So they say they do not support the use of linux on their hd.  
Any experience with ubuntu and the mybook series hd?

Another Q.  What about the "hardware encryption"?  does hardware mean os 
agnostic?  has anyone used the hardware encryption with, say, ubuntu?  
Does anyone know which encryption algorithm they use?


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