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Ah!  If only everyone would take this advice to heart,


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Good evening all,


I would just like to take a moment to remind everyone that this list is for providing technical assistance to Ubuntu users. It is not for name calling, childish behaviour or otherwise inappropriate conversations.


We, the moderation team, attempt to use a light touch wherever possible as it ensures conversations flows. We don't sit at the keyboard 24/7 to monitor and respond immediately to issues and as such unfortunately there have been a number of posts over the last 24 hours or so that would normally attract individual follow ups so instead I'm sending this email to the list.


Can everyone please remain on topic, when technical disagreements arise I would highly recommend people politely point out any issues or improvements they have found work best in their experience and leave it to the readers to decide which course of action to take. 


Finally please remember Linux is primarily about choice and so having a number of different approaches is the very basics of the operating system. Some are easier, some are more difficult but at the end of the day it's up to the users to decide what works best for them.


Continued name calling, insulting behaviour, disrespecting fellow list members will result in further action from the team, no matter who started it, what was said or who's answer is more technically correct. As always, if anyone is unsure please contact the mailing list moderation team, we're here to help.


Jared Norris

On behalf of the moderation team

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