Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Nov 8 15:26:54 UTC 2015

Greetings all;

One of those somebody has to ask it questions.  I just updated my lappy, 
which hadn't been in a couple months, which has a 14.04 LUbuntu install 
on it, and its wasting time yet trying to download the tarball of 
adobe's flashplayer.

Now, since this is synaptic trying to handle that, see it trying to 
download a tarball seems totally out of character.

But thats not the real question I'd like an answer to.  Adobe dropped 
anything that looks like linux support a couple years ago, so the real 
question is why are all the package managers still screwing around with 

We linux users are not that big an audience yet, but if we just removed 
this so-called security hole, the tabs the advertisers keep on who see's 
their crap, will eventually get their attention and they'll be telling 
their production people that flash isn't delivering the eyeballs. Little 
else is going to exert any force at all to get a general conversion to 
whatever the darling video player of today is, h264, whatever.

So when do we remove it, and just let the market forces that will cause, 
get it fixed?

I for one, am sick to death of iceweasel demanding I click an "ok and 
remember" (but it does NOT remember, even for that invocation, anybody 
know what the deal is with that?)

Its a PITA to have to ok the playing of every news story, and then, 
presumably because of the delay in clicking on the ok, the story still 
won't play.  Then you think "I'll reload" but you have to reclick thru 
that iceweasel ok every time.  I have descriptive phrases for that, 
unfit for a mailing list.

By leaving it installed, and on linux, usable 30% of the time if you want 
to do the click through's, we are just prolonging the agony of flashes 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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