Creating a Windows VM Inside Ubuntu

silver.bullet at silver.bullet at
Thu Nov 5 12:48:15 UTC 2015

It would be nice if the OP would report back what virtual machine
running what version of Windows was chosen and how the Windows graphics
tools perform in the Windows guest. Disk access? Delay when using a
tablet for drawing?

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015 12:45:05 +0100, set wrote:
>But my guess is that multi-boot is the best way to fully honor a PC's
>hardware specifications in this scenario.

As others already pointed out most likely at least for games, however,
VirtualBox with it's default format VDI is worth testing. For some
software drive access even when using VDI seems to be very slow, but I
suspect that KVM/qemu is slower, OTOH I can imagine that a tablet
connected by USB might have latency when drawing, while using

>However, on a human level, if you friend would be interested in working
>with graphics using open tools, the studio flavor of Ubuntu is very
>well suited. Understandably, the GUI differences are much to learn
>again. But the Ubuntu-studio mailing-list is there to help and the
>community behind each software distributed is strong.

At least installing the related Ubuntu Studio meta packages doesn't
harm. This can be done for any Ubuntu flavour, since Ubuntu Studio is an
official Ubuntu flavour.



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