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Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Thu May 28 12:39:20 UTC 2015

On Thu, 28 May 2015 17:51:47 +0530
Hari <hariraghaveee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey people ,
>  Just an update. I have started the recovery process. Now i am
> creating an image of the damaged file system to my ext HDD. So i
> think i will perfom the repair on my main HDD so that i always have a
> backup of it. If at all i perform repair on my ext HDD i fear loosing
> of data and hence the choice. Will update on the status
> Cheers !

This is of course entirely up to you. Remember, though, that if you do
the recovery on the image file, you can always create a new image later
if you mess it up. Or, if you have the space, just create a copy of it
before you start working on it. Doing the recovery on the original file
system might be faster (though I doubt it would be very much faster), so
that's also something to consider.

If there had been physical damage to the disk things would be
different, and you should only work on a copy of the image.

The important point is that you will now have a backup, so that's a
really good start.

Do a little reading on how to use testdisk before you start, so you get
an understanding of how it works. And think before you do anything, as
these operations can take a lot of time, and potentially cause further
damage to the file system you are working on.

Ask here if you need help or explanations.


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