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Hari hariraghaveee at gmail.com
Thu May 28 09:28:51 UTC 2015

Thanks a lot Nils for a early reply. Yea seems like that only. Even i
thought so. Let me see

Peter , thanks for your reply too.. Yes i now understand and realise the
value of backups. How do i make a image of the broken file system ? I am
not having so much expertise. Could u guide me ?
Thanks in advance

On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 12:36 PM, Petter Adsen <petter at synth.no> wrote:

> On Wed, 27 May 2015 22:59:42 +0200
> Nils Kassube <kassube at gmx.net> wrote:
> > Hari wrote:
> > >   I have a dual boot - Ubuntu and windows 7. I recently wass playing
> > > around in the ubuntu and used the 'dd' command and it kinda
> > > corrupted my linux file system. I exactly dont know what happened
> > > to Linux now. All my data is missing. I did the boot-repair and now
> > > the grub is removed and it is directly booting to windows. Please
> > > help me recover all my data in ubuntu. It is very important. Please
> > > help me with the process. I am desperate!!
> > >
> > > Here is the pastebin link containing the logs.
> > >
> > > paste.ubuntu.com/11395840/
> >
> > | sda6:
> > ...
> > | Mounting failed:   mount: unknown filesystem type ''
> >
> > To me it looks like your Ubuntu system was on /dev/sda6 (the other
> > partitions seem to be OK). With your dd command you overwrote vital
> > parts of that partition. IMHO it would be best to try to recover
> > remaining data using photorec / testdisk (unless you have a backup of
> > your valuable data). Then you would reinstall the system from
> > scratch. But please wait for other opinions before you proceed.
> I'm with Nils on this. photorec and/or testdisk may be able to retrieve
> some of the data for you, you can also try gddrescue or myrescue.
> The best approach, if you have the space, would be to make an image of
> the broken file system, and run the rescue tools on the image, or at
> least make sure you do not disturb the broken partition further while
> attempting to rescue data. Thus, if one tool fails to rescue anything,
> you can try the others, as no changes has been made to it.
> This is also a really good candidate for an occasion to learn the value
> of frequent backups. And to be careful when you run things as root.
> To add to this, I feel sorry for you - I really do. We have all been in
> a similar situation at one time, and the most valuable thing you can
> get out of this (apart from retrieving your data) is to learn that
> backups are necessary, not optional.
> It is also important to state that when you work to retrieve your data,
> it is far better to ask here first than to do something you don't
> understand the consequences of. The process can get complex, and you
> might need to make difficult choices. Get all the help you can.
> There are also commercial tools for data recovery, the only one I know
> of is R-Studio, but I know there are more. I haven't tried any of them,
> though, so I don't know if they're worth the money. If the data is
> absolutely critical, you should take it to a professional data recovery
> service rather than do anything wrong and ruin them completely.
> Good luck!
> Petter
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