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> On 5/21/2015 10:35 AM, jimkvg at 3web.com wrote:
>>  I have some issues in my Ubuntu 15.04.  It seems to be worse than the
>> previous version.  Start-up takes much longer time now than before ...
>> looks like three to five minutes.  When I put it in 'Suspend' mode, my
>> PC woke up by itself even thou I didn't touch either mouse or
>> keyboard.  This is not like in the previous version.   I installed
>> DropBox straight from Ubuntu Software Centre.  When I clicked on the
>> tiny 'DropBox' icon on the top far right side, all icons on the screen
>> disappeared.  The Dropbox box opened up okay.  I opened up one of
>> pictures and it was okay.  But when I clicked on 'close', 'reduce' or
>> 'full screen' icon at the upper corner left side, my PC froze up.
>> When I held down 'Ctrl' and 'alt' keys and hit 'delete' key, the PC
>> resumed working ok, but icons were still absent from the screen. So I
>> had to shut it down to re-start it again.  Is these problems because
>> of the incompatibility of my PC to Ubuntu?  English is my 2nd language
>> and I am not good at understanding English and I am still confused at
>> how to reply to comments that come up in forums.  It seems that I am
>> being ignored in my previous comments that I put in the forums or did
>> I misplaced them?
> How much memory does that machine have?

4 gb

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