Help on custom task in tasksel

Gustavo Quezada Arévalo gquezada at
Thu May 21 17:42:32 UTC 2015

I recently decided to create a custom task that is displayed on the
debian installer during installation, I created the task and displayed,
but when I select the install, it is put in 100% and ends without
installing anything. To create the task I use the source code and added
my task, then I build the binary, all packages are in a local repository.

This is my custom task:

Task: custom-task
Section: custom-task
Description: This is a custom task
  This task sets up your system...
Packages: task-fields

That supposedly should be enough to make it work but it is not,
because all the necessary dependencies found in the local repository
Excuse my english and i hope to help,

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