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> Hi,
> What’s the bash command to view installed programs?
> I’m basically running out of HD space and am looking for programs to
> throw out.

Binaries usually take very little space compared to data, as others have
mentioned, so it may not be the most efficient way of reclaiming
storage. Unless you are on an embedded device of some sort, then it
might help.

> Could anyone tell me what the command is? Or, more specifically, does
> anyone know the command that shows manually installed programs or
> user-friendly programs, as I don’t want a list of all the low-level
> programs?
> I’m assuming it’s apt-cache something…

"apt-mark showmanual" will give you those packages that are manually
installed or dependencies of manually installed packages.
"User-friendly programs" would be very hard to define, so it would be
equally hard to ask a computer for a list of them.


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