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On Mon, 2015-05-11 at 10:25 +0100, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> My wife has used Evolution for several years with very few problems 
> however, recently, she has reported a rather unusual fault and I am 
> supposed to put it right. Sometimes, a message which is listed will not 
> show the body of that message, who it's to and who it's from are there 
> but no message. If reply is selected the message appears in the reply 
> window and if print is selected the message is printed. Thus, we know 
> the message is available but it will not display. To make things worse, 
> this problem is not tied to any particular sender and seems to be 
> intermittent.
> I would be most grateful for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this 
> problem as I know very little about Evolution. Furthermore, I have no 
> idea what my wife may have done out of the ordinary when using her 
> computer and neither does she.
You should probably specify which version of Ubuntu she uses and which
evolution (Help --> About).  

The evolution versions provided by older LTS versions of Ubuntu are very
out of date now (they were older versions when the Ubuntu LTSs were
released) and probably are not supported anymore by even the evolution
developers.  Ubuntu's support for evolution has been pretty terrible
since they changed to thunderbird as the preferred email client.

There is a very helpful mailing list devoted to evolution where the
developers (who seem to be mostly Red Hat folks) actually hang out.
evolution-list at gnome.org.

I've never seen a problem like this with evolution, my preferred MUA.
Perhaps she could temporarily install another mail user application
(MUA) like sylpheed or thunderbird to see if the problem is with
evolution, the email provider or your ISP?

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