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Fri May 8 12:01:55 UTC 2015

I just checked on my 15.04 install for this package. I did notice an issue
with this package on 15.04 though. I tried to launch it via terminal and
the error output mentioned no such file or directory at /etc/libuser.conf.
I simply ran "touch /etc/libuser.conf" as root, then re-ran
"system-config-samba" in terminal as root to bring up the samba interface.
After creating that libuser.conf file, the GUI came up fine, however I had
to launch it via terminal. In my 3 minutes of tinkering I have not been
able to bring it up via the dash menu.

The system-config-samba tool is nice. It does a direct edit to the samba
file. This made it easy for me to learn, as I could make GUI changes, then
look in the config file to see what's changed. Once I got the hang of it I
just began writing my own smb.conf file. Makes it easy to back up and
restore to your system if you ever redo it. The smb.conf man page (man
smb.conf) provides far more samba functionality than the
system-config-samba utility, however that little GUI utility is often "just
enough" to do exactly what most people need.

Hope this helps!

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 7:23 AM, Petter Adsen <petter at> wrote:

> On Thu, 07 May 2015 11:13:32 -0400
> Paul Smith <paul at> wrote:
> > So, I decided to ditch Mint and come back to Ubuntu GNOME 15.04.  It's
> > got a number of features I like and with the addition of just two
> > extensions (Frippery panel favorites and system-monitor) I have a very
> > nice desktop.
> >
> > But, I share out some directories on my local harddrive to my family
> > for storage, etc. using Samba and I just can't figure out how to make
> > this work anymore on this version of Ubuntu.
> >
> > Does anyone have any up-to-date documentation on this?  I found
> > but it seems
> > outdated.  I can't seem to access the system-config-samba tool at all.
> >
> > The package is installed, but I can't even find it!  Searching for
> > "system", "admin", or "samba" doesn't show anything interesting.
> >
> > The web page above says it should be available in "System -
> > Administration - Samba", but I can't figure out what that means.  If I
> > open the "All Settings" window I don't see anything about
> > "Administration" or "Samba" under the "System" section at the bottom.
> > There's a "Sharing" icon but it refers to sharing screens or using DAV
> > to share files, not Samba.
> >
> > If I try to run "system-config-samba" from the CLI it complains that I
> > don't have permissions to execute /usr/bin/pdbedit.  If I try to run
> > "sudo system-config-samba" it gives me warnings that the owner of
> > ~/.config/ibus/bus is not root, then a system error that it could not
> > open configuration file "/etc/libuser.conf", no such file or
> > directory.
> >
> > I realize there's the "Local Network Share" option in nautilus but my
> > configuration is more complex than that.
> >
> > Am I being oblivious or should I file a bug?
> This isn't exactly what you asked for, but if you want to administer
> samba without editing the config manually, you could take a look at
> webmin. It lets you do administration of a lot of different services,
> including samba, through a nice web GUI. Instructions for adding their
> Debian repository are at:
> These instructions also work fine for Ubuntu. You could also just
> download the .deb, but enabling the repository gives you automatic
> updates.
> Also, if you have problems running something with sudo, try "sudo -i".
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