Problem using ssh client in kubuntu 15.04, -R is not working.

Антон Мацюк denixx.baykin at
Wed May 6 13:05:15 UTC 2015

2015-05-05 18:19 GMT+03:00 Антон Мацюк <denixx.baykin at>:

> 2015-04-26 11:54 GMT+03:00 Colin Watson <cjwatson at>:
>> > It looks like some bug.
>> I think this is very likely to be a configuration mistake rather than a
>> bug; the forwarding facility itself works fine.
> Colin, thanks for a tip, I now have a workaround :)
> Sorry to be absent for a long time, was busy time working.
> Here is some logs, I just changed "localhost" to "" and now it
> works (the "other side" is a Win7 with WinSSHD):

One more case:
 debug1: remote forward success for: listen *:2222, connect
 debug1: client_input_channel_open: ctype forwarded-tcpip rchan 0 win
262144 max 65536
debug1: client_request_forwarded_tcpip: listen port 2222,
originator port 60842
WARNING: Server requests forwarding for unknown listen_port 2222

Is it normal?
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