ubuntu 15 on dell xps15

Fredrik Jonson fredrik at jonson.org
Tue Jun 23 20:35:29 UTC 2015

In <5587BA25.80103 at redcor.ch> robert wrote:

>  I recently bought a dell xps15 laptop with a 4k monitor.
>  However I do have some problems using it with ubuntu 15.04
>  - Sometimes it does not wake up from the sleep mode
>  - generally I am fighting with the high resolution.

I have a Dell XPS 15 (9530) too and it mostly works very well with Ubuntu.
I could have done without the MS tax, but buying with Ubuntu preinstalled
wasn't possible. I wiped it of course, who runs Windows these days? :)

As you've mentioned system suspend isn't without some hickups. For some
reason suspend by closing the lid or from Gnome doesn't work on my laptop.
It used to, but stopped, perhaps because I run a mainline kernel (4.0.4)?

As a workaround I've found that if I run the command 'sudo pm-suspend' from
a terminal it suspends fine, and it has resumed without a flaw everytime
after suspending that way. Admittedly a bit more laboursome, but it works.

If you have the time I'd recommend that you go digging around for bug
reports on software suspend on Launchpad. Or even report a new one.

The HiDPI screen (3200x1800 on 15.6 in) is after a bit of configuring a
pleasure to use, except perhaps for apps using KDE/QT 4. I've set up Gnome 3
to zoom the UI by 2 by default. And IIRC I changed to a larger font size
too. After that the desktop and Gnome apps looks fine. Firefox also has a
UI zoom option in about:config. As for QT, I only use one app, Scribus, so
I haven't bothered.

Archlinux has a excellent wiki-page on HiDPI seetings. Read it!


Fredrik Jonson

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