bad printout of google wikiwand using firefox with ubuntu 12.04

Linda haniganwork at
Sat Jun 20 20:40:00 UTC 2015

On 06/20/2015 01:58 PM, Juan Blanco wrote:
> Hello Linda,
> Boot up ubuntu, make sure the printer is correctly hooked 
> up to printer i.e. usb cable is well inserted to the back 
> of the printer and directly to the pc.  If you are using a 
> usb hub, unplug it from the hub and go directly to the pc. 
>  Turn off the pc and the printer.  Pull the pc's power 
> plug out of the power strip for one minute.  Re-insert 
> pc's power plug back in power strip, turn printer on and 
> boot up ubuntu.  Make sure you know your printer's 
> manufacturing company name i.e. brand name and most 
> importantly the exact model name with numbers as it 
> appears on printer.  For instance, HP Deskjet 1510 
> All-In-One (it could be 1500), the whole thing because you 
> are going to select the printer from a long list.
> Double click printers and select yours from a long list, 
> it will get detected and print a test page and voila! it 
> would be working properly.
> Enjoy!
It wasn't my problem I had just suggested a solution.The 
problem sounded like a web page that was printing in firefox 
at 100% instead of shrink to fit and the web pixal size was 
larger than the printable page. If you choose print preview 
in firefox it shows you what will print and  it lets you 
change the size or change to shrink to fit. If you choose 
print it just uses whatever was choosen last. Your solution 
would be a better fix for a general printing problem.
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