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> Is there an equivalent to the W-thing of task manager? (CTRL-ALT-Del)?
> I had an application running and get out of control and I could not
> terminate it except by re-booting.

There is the System Monitor application (in regular Ubuntu and in Gnome).
It resembles the Windows task manager in some ways. Right-click on the
process of interest to see some options.

You might prefer to open a terminal and use either top or ps -- both have
lots of options so you would want to tinker with them before you need them
in a "crisis" situation. If the machine isn't responding graphically you
might be able to switch to a Virtual Terminal (VT) to diagnose and safely
kill errant processes.

For example, the screen gets sluggish, and you type Ctrl-Alt-F1 and log
into Virtual terminal 1. Using top you find a process taking 99% of your
CPU, so you send it a kill signal, and verify that it responded to the
signal then switch back to your graphical process by typing Ctrl-Alt-F7, or
to a second Virtual Terminal 2 using Ctrl-Alt-F2.
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