Forcing static address in 12.04

rikona rikona at
Fri Jun 12 22:42:35 UTC 2015

Hello Karl,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 10:15:51 PM, Karl wrote:

> On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 15:52 -0700, rikona wrote:
>> BUT - Unfortunately, all the GUI network tools are still missing. I
>> now see how to set it up with CLI tools, [and thanks to all, and
>> Karl in particular, for helping me to learn how], but I miss my
>> simple, fast GUI tools. :-) Any idea how to get them back?

> You rally don't need them unless you re planningto make frequent
> changes to your networking setuo, but if you really want them::

Thanks VERY much for telling me how to restore them.

> Let us know how you go...

Your point above is a good one. I don't change the LAN very much at
all. Now that I have learned how to use the CLI tools I may just leave
the GUI tools as non-functional. Even though it says 'disconnected' I
still have good evidence that it is connected. :-))

>> I'd like to know the underlying pgm names for the several GUI network
>> tools, and sub-tools, that come up. If someone could tell me, or say
>> where I can learn those, I'd appreciate it. This would likely help me
>> when trying to restore them or work with them.

> They usually provide name information in their title bars, or in
> help -> about.

True, but not in this case.

> If all else fails, start one then look at "ps ax" in a terminal for
> likely candidates.

I tried that in 14.04 [nm running], but got a huge list of pgms with
cryptic info. Trying ps axc was more helpful - opening one network
window seemed to start nm-connection-e. Opening another network window
seemed to start a few pgms whose name did not include 'network' [smbd
for example].

>> Again, MANY thanks for the help! Nice to be running again...

> Sad that we still don't really know what the problem was.


I really appreciate your help...



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