Forcing static address in 12.04

Karl Auer kauer at
Thu Jun 11 05:27:47 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 22:02 -0700, rikona wrote:
> (1) the GUI from 'system'network' now lists a wired connection
> [not there before] but it is labeled 'Unmanaged' and no way to make
> changes with that GUI.

Shut down eth0 ("sduo ifdown eth0"), comment out anything
in /etc/network/interfaces that has to do with eth0, restart NM ("sudo
restart network-manager"), and NM will be able to manage the interface

> (2) there is now a wireless-looking small icon top right of screen [not
> like the original icon]. 'wired network' is grayed out. 'connection
> info' gives err msg "no valid active connections found". 'edit
> connections' box does come up, listing a wired connection that was
> supposedly used 4 days ago, even though it was used just minutes ago. 

It was used 4 days ago *by Network manager*. "Wired network" will stay
grayed out as long as NM is not managing that interface, see above.

> start: Job is already running: network-manager

Yes. The icon at the top is nm-applet. When you have a wireless
connection that icon changes to a wifi icon (concentric arcs); when you
have a wired connection it changes to contraindicating vertical arrows.

Regards, K.

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