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> > On 8 June 2015 at 16:08,  <jimkvg at> wrote:
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> >> Thank you Colin.  I am trying to make this a bit more clear.  This
> >> is regarding the problem of DropBox that both of us me and Vitor
> >> have experienced.  I had the same problem that Vitor experienced
> >> regarding Nautilus.  After several re-installings of DropBox, I
> >> noticed that 'restart Nautilus' box didn't show up.  I assumed
> >> that the problem was already solved, but I have further problems
> >> with DropBox eg icons disappearing from the screen, clicking on
> >> 'close', 'hide' or 'reduce/full screen' icons on the upper left
> >> corner of windows caused lock up of my PC.  This is something to
> >> do with the problems of DropBox itself or maybe the actual problem
> >> is in Nautilus???  I admit I do not understand everything in the
> >> Linux system.  It is very complicated for me.  I hope that someone
> >> out there who read this forums can help pin point the problem and
> >> have it fixed.   Thank you.
> >
> > What do you see if you run, in a terminal
> >
> > apt-cache policy nautilus
> > and
> > apt-cache policy nautilus-dropbox
> >
> > Is there a particular problem you now have that is absolutely
> > repeatable, so every time you do it you see the same, undesirable
> > thing?  We need something like that to help diagnose the problem.
> >
> > Colin
> This is what I saw in my terminal, using two of your "apts."  What do
> I do next?  Should I try the two links below?  Jim 


No, that was just to see what versions you have installed. The question
Colin asked you is important; do you see the exact same problem every
time you try to do a specific thing?

If you do, then describe it as precisely as you can. If you don't,
there is very little we can do.

Just for the record, I've had no problems with Dropbox from Thunar,
maybe you could try that?


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