solved (kind of) Re: kate: the fish protocoll is not supported anymore

robert rottermann robert at
Mon Jun 8 17:52:00 UTC 2015

hi there

On 13.05.2015 10:31, Nils Kassube wrote:
> robert rottermann wrote:
>> On 13.05.2015 07:52, Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> robert rottermann wrote:
>>>> On 12.05.2015 18:27, Nils Kassube wrote:
>>>>> robert at wrote:
>>>>>> it looks as if the fish protocol is not working anymore with the
>>>>>> kate
>>>>>> version that is installed together with ubuntu 15.04.
>>>>> It works if you use Kubuntu - kate alone doesn't include all
>>>>> dependencies needed to use fish.
>>>>>> Is there a module to load to have it working?
>>>>>> Without it kate becomes rather unusable for me.
>>>>> It looks like you need these packages (including dependencies):
>>>>> plasma-workspace kdelibs5-plugins kde-runtime kdeconnect kio
>>>>> kio-extras kinit
>>>> unfortunately this is not yet enough.
>>>> the attempt to open a file:
>>>>        fish://root@localhost/etc
>>>> produces:
>>>> etc
>>>> File not found.
>>>> Please verify the correct file name was given
>>> Hmm, that looks a bit fishy. Actually I had only tried it with an
>>> existing file on a remote machine. I have no idea what should happen
>>> if I try to open a directory. As there is no root login allowed on
>>> my machines, I tried running
>>> kate fish://nils@someremotehost.lan/home/nils/bin
>>> which produces a similar error message (the directory ~/bin does
>>> exist on that machine), And that test was done with Kubuntu 14.04
>>> on both machines. Opening an existing file worked though, like it
>>> worked on the Xubuntu 15.04 machine where I added the packages
>>> mentioned above.
>>> Maybe you could try to open an existing file?
>> fish://root@localhost/etc/hosts
>> produced the same error
> Well, maybe when I tried what packages are needed, I had also installed
> these packages:
> konqueror kwalletmanager kdeconnect-plasma
> However later I uninstalled them because they seemed not to be needed.
> Maybe apt-get autoremove didn't remove all of the dependencies which
> were installed together with these packages. Therefore I would suggest
> to install these packages also.
>   th
> Nils
it looks as fish:// does work.
What is not possible is to provide a protocol when using the open dialog to 
access a file.
I now installed Krusader, which allows to open remote files using fish.
When I then use the "open with" dialog and select kate, the file is open using 

So its not fish::// which causes problems but the opening dialog.

thanks for your help

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