black and white laser printing - possible?

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> I have googled extensively, and for some reason I do not fully
> understand, the entire English-speaking world seems to think that the
> phrase "black and white" means "grayscale".

Well, sure.  :-)  What you want is 1 bit of "grayscale" (1 == white, 0 = 

> I want to print something in black and white. Not colour, nor any
> approximation thereof. I have a cyan-on-white design that prints an
> appallingly faint shade of gray on my monochrome laser printer, I want
> it to appear as black on white.

So you want cyan to map as black?

What you want to do is use gimp to do this.

Load the image, use image=>mode from RGB to grayscale, then use 
colors=>threshold to threshold the image to make the cyan black.

> Is that possible?
> Regards, K.

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