still nvidia problems with 2 cards and 3 monitors

steve reilly steve at
Sat Jan 31 00:05:11 UTC 2015

Hi All

few weeks ago I found out that due to an xserver upgrade on 12.04.5,
my nvidia 6200 card no longer would support a 3rd monitor as it has
for the last couple years. no problem, it was long overdue for a
replacement.  Got an nvidia gt610, and this is coupled with an nvidia

shutdown, installed the gt610, and as expected, only one monitor
worked when i booted back up.  ran nvidia-xconfig, rebooted, and both
monitors hooked to the new gt610 worked fine.  opened nvidia settings
and set the second card (9800gt) as xserver 1, rebooted, now all 3
monitors work.  sort of.  The 3rd monitor (9800gt) has a regular
cursor, grey background, and no menu.  I can get the right click menu
on the desktop, but thats it.  anything that i open, say to change the
desktop background, window decorations are stripped off, no minimize,
maximize, x, etc.

if i logout and switch to 2d gnome, or regular gnome, I have the "old"
applications menu on all 3 monitors, but if I switch 2d ubuntu or
regular ubuntu, only the 2 monitors hooked to the new gt610 have the
new sidebar menus.

If I remove the new card and hook 2 monitors to the old 9800gt
everything works as expected.

This is my xorg.conf as last generated by nvidia-xconfig.  havent
touched it by hand.



Steve Reilly

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