Gedit - disabling "untitled document 1"

Karl Auer kauer at
Fri Jan 30 04:30:22 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-01-29 at 19:49 -0800, rikona wrote:
> I was hesitant - those lines are in different 'sections' - see below.
> Not sure what it would do.

The idea is to see whether those "--new-window" arguments are being
"seen" when konqueror starts. By just removing all of them, we don't
have to worry about which one is responsible. If, after the change, the
offending blank tab goes away, then we've found the problem. If not, we
have to look further.

If we have found the problem, then you can replace just one of the two
lines and repeat the test to find out which of the two lines was at
fault. If, after changing one back, the problem recurs, then the one you
changed back was the problem; otherwise the one you didn't change was
the problem.

Whether all this works or not, you can always just copy the backup back
over your modified version and all will be as it was. That's why you
take a backup ;-)

> Also, I'm running Unity. How can I restart KDE, being *absolutely sure*
> it will not trash 40-50 working documents in any way?

Well, personally I doubt you actually have to restart KDE. I think the
change will "take" immediately. Maybe Nils or someother KDE user can
confirm this.

If not, I would imagine that simply logging out and back in should do
the job, but to make sure you might like to reboot your system. Close
all open documents, shut down all open applications, and select "Restart
system" from whatever menu KDE supplies for that purpose. If you are
really paranoid, copy your important documents off to a USB stick, CD,
DVD or remote network storage first. Or just do this after your normal
backup has run.

In general, rebooting Unix should very rarely be needed, but sometimes
it's the simplest way to make sure that everything is "clean".
Definitely close all open documents first, though!

> > Please post the full contents of /usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop
> > (it's only 20-odd lines).
> see below - thanks for the help!

That looks identical to mine. This whole issue is starting to get a a
bit metaphysical...

Regards, K.

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