Sharing an external drive

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Did you configure samba to share the folder publically or does it require a password to authenticate? Did you configure samba at all? Where did you add the command "force user = Scott"? We will also need the exact error message that is shown on screen. The more information you give us the better we can help.


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Subject: Sharing an external drive

I am running Ubuntu 14.04. I am trying to share a directory on an 
external drive on my network. All the other computers are Windows 
computers. The network is work-group. I have Samba installed. I have 
added force user = scott in it. I still get permission denied. The 
external drive is formatted ntfs according to Gparted. I have been 
working on this for 2 days now and I am getting nowhere with it. 
According to properties, the owner is Me the group is scott. This drive 
is automatically mounted when I boot up.


Scott Blair

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