Software Uptater problems

Andrew J. Caines Ubuntu at
Thu Jan 15 00:04:41 UTC 2015


Which version of Ubuntu are you running on the affected system?

> When the system determines that there are updates available it puts
> an icon in the launcher.  When I click on the icon to run the updater
> an arrow appears on the left side of the icon to indicate the program
> is running but no window opens.  Clicking again on the icon the
> window still will not open.  The icon will stay that way until I
> right click on the icon and select "Quit".

I have observed this Update Manager behaviour on my 12.04 system. I
usually close the application as you do from the right click menu, then
launch the application myself.

I have not observed it with Software Updater in 13.10 or any of my
14.04(.1) systems.

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