Software Uptater problems

Bob ubuntu-qygzanxc at
Wed Jan 14 05:10:56 UTC 2015

A few weeks ago I had internet connectivity problems.  At that time (on my
disktop computer) Software Updater tried to run and ended because it could not
get all the then current updates.  The last two times the Software Updater has
tried to run (when I click on the Software Updater icon) its window will not
display.  The Software Updater works properly on my laptop.

When the system determines that there are updates available it puts an icon in
the launcher.  When I click on the icon to run the updater an arrow appears on
the left side of the icon to indicate the program is running but no window
opens.  Clicking again on the icon the window still will not open.  The icon
will stay that way until I right click on the icon and select "Quit".

Is there a file that can be deleted or modified to allow the Software Updater
to start working again?

A side note.  In the past when I clicked on the "System Settings" icon and then
clicking the "Details" icon there would be a button that indicated whether
there were updates available or not.  Recently I can see that button but it
does not stay in the window long enough to read it and it is not available to
click on to do an update.  This does not appear to be correct operation.

Robert Blair

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