apt and dpkg question

Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Thu Jan 8 13:22:11 UTC 2015

Hi all!

For various reasons, I need to do a reinstall on one of my machines,
but I want to do as little work as is possible with regard to
installing and removing packages. I've been looking at the man pages
for aptitude-create-state-bundle, aptitude-run-state-bundle and dpkg
(--{get/set}-selections), which both seems to do what I want.

What is the difference here, and which approach should I go with? It
seems that the aptitude approach saves my software sources, signatures
and so on, which would be perfect as I'm using a few ppa's, but I'd
like to get some advice before I go ahead and mess up :)

Everything that I need backups of is already backed up, so I'm not
worrying about that - I'm just concerned with replicating the current
state of installed/removed packages. Also, If there's anything else I
should be aware of, I'd appreciate any advice.



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