problem with Brother MFC7460DN

Dave Stevens geek at
Wed Jan 7 20:50:34 UTC 2015

Recently a new installation of Ubuntu 12.04.5 and updates made it  
necessary to redo the drivers for this printer/scanner. Plugging in  
the usb connecting cable gave immediate recognition that the device  
was there, even the serial number was shown in dmesg. Brother's driver  
download and install did a successful test print.

The scanner driver that was part of that install has given a situation  
where I can not insert (in LO) an image from the device - just blows  
up. Likewise xsane doesn't find the device. BUT if I sudo xsane then I  
get a death threat from the developers and then the xsane scan works  
perfectly, giving a scanned file with root permissions, which I can  

So some sort of permissions issue with xsane and I don't know what  
about the printer driver. When I try to print from LO or CUPS the job  
apparently runs, the device's two line LCD shows "receiving data" but  
nothing ever prints.

Advice? Other places to look?


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