Problems starting Gnote

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Sun Jan 4 11:26:49 UTC 2015

Gnote was installed from the repositories.
Ubuntu 14.04.

Click the Gnote icon in the launcher. The computer seems to work, but
nothing happens.
Wait for a while, maybe 30 seconds or so.
Click the Gnote icon in the launcher again. Gnote starts and seems to be
working properly.

To learn more I started Gnote from a terminal like this:

~$ gnote

(gnote:7652): libtomboy-WARNING **: Binding '<Alt>F12' failed!

(gnote:7652): libtomboy-WARNING **: Binding '<Alt>F11' failed!

Next I opened another tab in the terminal and tried the same again. Now
Gnote starts without any error messages.

When I close Gnote, I need to quit the session in the first terminal tab,
though (with Ctrl+c).


Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg
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