MMS radio streams DO play on VLC, but apparently NOT on Clementine.

Bas G. Roufs basroufs at
Fri Jan 2 15:28:25 UTC 2015

Hello Everybody,

happy New Year!

Already several times I have fruitlessly tried to let play MMS-radio streams on Clementine. By 
example the one from Vatican Radio, Channel 1. 

On the other had, I DO manage to play exactly the same station at VLC.

After a bit of internet consulting, I tried today two possible remedies that have been suggested 
at a few pages I found.

I have purged and reinstalled Clementine.

I have copied  the exact mms-link from Vatican Radio via VLC into Clementine, with a view to 
playing the stream there.

However, whatever remedy I try, I keep getting the following feedback:

No URI handler implemented for "mms". 

When fruitlessly looking for an adequate remedy for this problem, I have googled this feedback, 
in combination with 'Clementine' and 'Ubuntu'.

Does anybody have any clue what to do next with a view to getting Clementine playing MMS 
radio streams?

Respectfully Yours,

Bas G. Roufs. -- 

*/Bas G. Roufs/*
Utrecht, NL, EU.
E.: bas at, M./SMS: +31 6 446 835 10.

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