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On 12/31/2014 03:01 PM, Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am about to open my own PC Repair Shop in my neighborhood and I'd 
> like to use FLOSS as much as possible.
> I will repair PCs and Laptops and I intend to promote FLOSS to my 
> customers (GNU/Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular).
> I would like to hear your thoughts / ideas / advice etc.:
>   * Tools to use
>   * What to install on the server
>   * Which programs and apps to promote to new Linux user for faster
>     adaptation
>   * Resources I could use: Wikis, Knowledge Bases etc.
>   * Where to get Posters, stickers, stuffed Tuxes and the like to put
>     on display and sell
> You get the idea....
> Thanks!
> Amichai.
Personally I think it is a great idea. I have tried to get many of my 
friends into Ubuntu. The major problem I run into is they do not want to 
learn a new operating system. That, I think, is the biggest problem. 
Having a computer or two available for them to try more than once would 
be a great idea. Reminding them of the security and ease of use Ubuntu 
offers. No viruses for Ubuntu, the security it offers. Showing them 
things like LibreOffice and how it can replace Microsoft Office and use 
Microsoft Office files and save them in Microsoft Office formats. 
Devede, how it can create a DVD from a video that will play in a DVD 
player. Brasero, how it can make audio cds, mp3 cds, data cds, copy cds 
and burns ISOs all in 1 program. Remind them that all this software is 

Showing them how to get help is very important. Show them the Ubuntu 
forums, Ubuntu web sites and even this mailing list. Wikis I found are 
more like information about something rather than help with it.

You will basically have to find out what each person uses their computer 
for, then make Ubuntu the operating system for them by showing them how 
it can work for them with ease of use.

I did a search on Ubuntu posters and found this on Amazon: 

Another good place is http://spreadubuntu.org/

P)lease keep me informed as to how you are doing. If there is anything 
else I can help with just let me know.

-- Scott Blair

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