Downgrade to 14.04 LTS

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Sun Feb 22 23:52:33 UTC 2015

> switch from 14:10 to 14:04 LTS...

Paul is right. You cannot 'downgrade' while maintaining an existing system

However, there is a way out.

Step 1.
Make sure to backup your data:
= at a separate ext4 /Data partition;
= at 2 or more external HD;

Step 2.
Create at least 2 system partitions - 1 for 14.04 LTS, at 2nd 1 for 14.10
or 15.04.

Step 3.
Install Midnight Commander at both system partitions.

Step 4.
In each of both system partitions:
1. DELETE the existing folders: Desktop, Documents etc.
2. Use MC to create symlinks to Desktop, etc. to /Data.

By doing like this, you can use just 1 /Data partition for 2 or more

Questions? Reply this mail.

Respectfully yours.

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