'boot:' prompt takes 'live' as argument?

Tom Rausner tom at rausner.dk
Sat Feb 7 15:30:28 UTC 2015

Hi There.

Den 06-02-2015 kl. 20:33 skrev Sabniveesu Shashank:
> Hi all!
> Today while booting an Ubuntu 10.04 image on an x86-system, ran into this
> problem:
> "vesamenu.c32 not a com32r image"
> boot:
> 1) What does the error mean?
> 2) Only this link -
> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-mint-84/trying-to-boot-linux-mint-9-from-usb-flash-drive-vesamenu-c32-not-a-com32r-image-829397/
> said it right!
>           Enter 'live' at the prompt and it starts working.
>    Is this 'Entering live at the boot prompt' documented somewhere?
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Sorry for jumping in like this but I had the same problem when making a
"pocket-computer on a USB-memory-stick, couldn't get it working either.

After discovering the "'live'-at-the-promt-trick" I made my
"pocket-computer" but wanting a state-of-the-art tool I updated and
upgraded it.

Now I get a busy box alert telling me there is no system to be found. I
thought I would mention it as it might get to be your next problem.

Does anyone know the trick to get round this or is a PC-on-a-stick


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