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Scott Blair scott.blair at
Fri Feb 6 00:20:50 UTC 2015

I am running Ubuntu 14.04. I am trying to share a directory on my 
external drive, attached to the Ubuntu machine on my network.

To share the folder I clicked on the folders properties, then go to 
Local Network Share.  I then clicked the box marked Share this folder. 
Shared name is PS3 SHARED. I then clicked on the box Allow others to 
create and delete files in this folder. I also click on the box for 
Guest access (for people without a user account). Then I clicked on 
Modify Share. A box pops up and says:
Nautilus needs to add some permissions to your folder PS3 shared in 
order to share it. The folder PS3 Shared needs the following extra 
permissions for sharing to work:
-read permission by others
-write permission by others
-execute permission by others
Do you want Nautilus to add these permissions to the folder automatically?
Then I click on the button marked: Add the permissions automatically.

OK here is the smb.conf:

Here is the workgroup:

# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
	workgroup = workgroup

Here is the part about the external drive:
# Uncomment to allow remote administration of Windows print drivers.
# You may need to replace 'lpadmin' with the name of the group your
# admin users are members of.
# Please note that you also need to set appropriate Unix permissions
# to the drivers directory for these users to have write rights in it
;   write list = root, @lpadmin

[PS3 shared]
     path = /media/scott/My Book1/share/Movies/PS3 shared
     available = yes
     writeable = yes
     browseable = yes
     guest ok = yes
     force user = scott
     comment = movies

When trying to access it from any Windows computer I keep getting the 
following boxed error:
Windows cannot access \\MAIN\PS3 SHARED

You do not have permission to access \\MAIN\PS3 shared. Contact your 
network administrator to request access.

When I browse the network in Ubuntu, I can access the directory just fine.

When I look at the directory in Nautilus, under properties and 
permissions it says that the owner is Me the group is Scott and nothing 
for Others.
But if I do a ls -la in a terminal it says the owner and group is Scott. 
Which one is right?

Here is the output for ls -la on the folder:

drwx------ 1 scott scott      28672 Feb  3 16:29 PS3 shared
scott at main:/media/scott/My Book1/share/Movies$

Here is the output for ls -la on the files:
-rw------- 1 scott scott  879217664 Oct  9 20:41 Warlock.avi
-rw------- 1 scott scott  795260457 Jul 20  2013 Warm Bodies.mp4
-rw------- 1 scott scott 2187728923 Nov 30 02:49 We Are Legion.mp4
-rw------- 1 scott scott  435910822 Sep 27  2013 We're the Millers.mp4
-rw------- 1 scott scott 1322671586 Apr 20  2014 Wolf Creek 2.avi
-rw------- 1 scott scott 3559899976 Oct  1 22:48 Woodstock.avi
-rw------- 1 scott scott  740896440 Sep 11 18:03 World War Z.avi
-rw------- 1 scott scott 1047315905 Sep 10 20:04 X-Men Days of Future 
-rw------- 1 scott scott  712095744 Jul 15  2011 Yogi Bear.avi
scott at main:/media/scott/My Book1/share/Movies/PS3 shared$

I tried sudo chmod 755 *.* to the movie files and it didn't work.

What am I missing? Been at this for 5 days now with luck.


Scott Blair

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